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Raisins and Cherries

Call them Raisins, Sultanas, Malaga, Manukka or Currants or just the Indian name Kishmish, these small pebble sized dried fruits are the favorite of one and all, young and old across the globe.
These wrinkle skinned raisins with a sweet chewiness may vary from light to dark brown to golden and even to some with hints of purple hues in color. While most dry fruits keep their same name but the grape holds its own among them by renaming itself the 'Raisins.'
Cherries are those tiny sweet colorful tit-bits loved by most when added to delicacies. With a long shelf life Raisins and cherries never go bad and are available throughout the year.

Uses of Raisins
A handful of raisins added to early morning breakfast give you an energizing kick start to the day. Mix it with fresh fruits, yogurt, salads, vegetables or rice you have a delicious booster to your lunch. Garnish puddings cakes cookies chocolates or add them to custards or kheers, you can satiate any dessert lover. Raisins are also used for bird feeding.

Uses of Cherrries
Cherries add an extra flavor and attraction to healthy foods making them more tasty and palatable, especially for children.

Health Benefits
Unbeaten in sweetness and taste the humble Raisins have their own health benefits. They help in digestion, reduce acidity, prevent diseases like arthritis, gout, kidney stones and heart diseases. Raisins are known to aid in anemia, prevent cancer and treat infections. Excellent for eyes raisins are on par with carrots here. Besides they protect our bones and help keep our mouth and teeth healthy and strong.
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